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Guided Tours of Great Britain

Terms and Conditions

  • All Tours include transportation and fuel costs to and from the Customer’s agreed location and the services of a Guide, unless stated otherwise.
  • A 25% deposit must be paid at least 30 days before the date of the Tour. All Tours and Lectures shall be paid in full at least 30 days in advance. If a Reservation is confirmed within 30 days of the agreed Tour date, full payment is due.
  • Children must be under 12 at the time of the activity selected to qualify for a discount.
  • Children’s discounts and the Family Savers Pack do not apply to Half Day Tours. If a Customer selects his/her own sites to visit, the same discount structure applies. We will quote the Adult price (over 12 years on application) and then apply the discount once the number in the group is known.
  • The firm does not specifically cater for babes in arms or toddlers. If they travel they will be treated as Children Under 12 when calculating the price.
  • Customers may qualify for the Family Savers Pack if they are parents, direct relations or guardians of the children. We reserve the right to check the age of children and the status of qualifying Adults.
  • Any services agreed after the Tour or Lecture begins shall be paid, in full, at the time and at the discretion of the Guide.
  • Tours begin when the Guide meets your group.
  • Customers will use their best endeavours to be on time at the designated venue. The Guide has discretion to ‘start’ the Tour or Lecture if Customers are not on time.
  • Where a Tour states that the Guide should meet the Customer(s) at a venue outside Central London, transport costs to that venue are not included and will be quoted in advance wherever possible, at £70/hour travelled.  Time will be calculated to the nearest 15 minutes. 
  • There is no formal time for meals or other breaks: Customers can decide how they use their time and confirm with the Guide.
  • The cost of food and drinks (excepting any complimentary soft drinks that may be supplied in the vehicle), travel tickets (e.g. buses or trains) and entry costs to venues are paid for by the Customer(s).
  • We expect to keep to the requested Tour and Lecture schedule. However, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control can affect the itinerary, e.g. heavy traffic.  GTGB cannot be held responsible for any such events, damage or loss of any kind but we will make every effort to make up any time lost.
  • Overnight stays: if an Overnight Tour has been booked, costs for accommodation are included in our Reservation Response. All individual room accounts, including meals should be settled by the Customer(s) on departure in the normal way.
  • GTGB are not responsible for third party suppliers, such as unscheduled closing of venues/attractions, or other events beyond its control. We are not liable for any loss, accident, injury or damage to you or any personal effects.
  • All our guides have the required licenses as well as appropriate insurance for the vehicles they drive. 
  • The Lecture Series and An Appreciation: the price, based on the number attending, will be agreed at the time of Reservation Confirmation. A reduced number attending will not result in a reduced price charged. If more than the agreed number attends, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee per person, payable on the date of the performance.

If you are not satisfied with your experience: email or write to the Guided Tours of Great Britain address and we will expect to sort the matter out promptly.

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